5 Steps To Improve Your Crawl Space Ventilation

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  • October 2, 2013 2:03 am
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One of the easiest ways to make sure your crawl space is getting enough moisture control is to make sure the area’s venting system is working properly. Many crawl spaces have basic vents installed in them, and if one of them is not working right, your crawl space isn’t working right either. Rather than have a fast build-up of mold, mildew, and even pests, you can take these 5 steps to improve your crawl space ventilation so that it is maximized in as little as a few minutes.


Tip #1: Do a Full Inspection

Many home owners have no idea where their crawl space vents happen to be. For some homes it is pretty obvious as part of the crawl space wall is above ground and easily detectible. For other vents, it requires you to crawl through the crawl space and inspect the dirty parts of your foundation. Once you have located all of the vents your crawl space has, you’re ready to proceed.


Tip #2: Make Sure You Have Enough Vents

According to modern building codes, if your crawl space is a vented crawl space, it needs one vent for every 150 square feet of open space. This is usually pretty easy to determine with a few simple measurements, but some crawl spaces can be extensive or complicated in their design and this can make figuring out the square footage a bit tricky if you don’t have the house’s plans. If you don’t have enough vents installed, you’ll want to make sure that gets done right away.

Some crawl spaces don’t have any vents and that is because they are encapsulated and conditioned. This means they have air flow that is vented back through the home in some way and have moisture protection installed.


Tip #3: Know When To Open Your Vents

The easiest way to get around the problem of having open vents when you should have closed vents is to install automatic vents. For those that don’t have this luxury, however, you should make sure you get your vents closed when temps in your area reach a consistent 40F or below. Opening your vents should happen again when you’ve got highs reaching around 70F. If you’ve got an unusual weather pattern, don’t worry about getting your vents open for just a couple days – your crawl space will survive.


Tip #4: Install Fans

Sometimes the air just won’t circulate inside your crawl space. When that happens, the best solution to fix that problem is to install crawl space fans. Some attach to the vents in your crawl space, while others are stand-alone fans that you would place in the dark recesses of the area so that air can move appropriately.


Tip #5: Make Sure Your Vents Aren’t Blocked

Many times the issue of a crawl space not getting the proper ventilation it needs is because of an outside issue instead of an inside one. You should maintain a 24 inch barrier between the foundation of your home and any landscaping efforts to make sure the vents to your crawl space aren’t blocked.

What is the condition of your crawl space right now? Use these tips today to make sure your crawl space can remain healthy and happy thanks to having proper ventilation!


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